Automation and throughput

Shaping the Future of Nanoscience

The EBPG5200 is a high performance nanolithography system with full 200 mm writing capability. This Electron Beam Lithography system presents a further evolutionary stage of the highly successful and field-proven EBPG series. It offers a wide range of leading edge solutions for both direct write nanolithography and R&D mask making in universities and commercial centers of excellence.

Improved Specifications

  • Ultra-fast, low-noise pattern generator 125 MHz
  • Extreme beam current up to 350 nA
  • Excellent direct write performance with overlay accuracy of ≤ 5nm
  • Highest resolution
  • Unparalleled automatic calibration and job execution
  • High current density Thermal Field Emission gun for operation at 20, 
50 and 100 kV
  • 200 mm platform for up to 8 inch wafer and 7 inch masks
  • Minimum feature size of less than 8 nm
  • Continuously variable large field size operation to 1 mm at all kVs
  • GUI for ease of use operation for diverse "multi user environment"
  • Flexible configuration packages to ensure best fit with application requirements

Modular system archtitecture

The modular system architecture allows the adaptation of the system configuration to specific customer requirements along with a structured upgrade strategy enabling a path for tracking future technology trends as well as protecting the customer's initial system investment.

Circular grating resonator
6 nm resolution (100kV, HSQ)
Product Details

Main Application:

  • High KV for high aspect ratio nanostructures 
  • High speed Direct Write
  • Batch production e.g. compound semiconductor devices
  • Anticounterfeiting security elements

Column Technology:

  • EBPG
  • Electron
  • 100 kV


  • 8“ full travel
  • Large (vertical) Z travel option
  • 10x autoloader