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Precision and environmental tolerance

Since its introduction, the RAITH150 Two has established itself as a bestseller among universal, high resolution Electron Beam Lithography systems. It is used in research and nanotechnology centers worldwide and has proved its robustness in 24/7 use.

The RAITH150 Two exposes structures smaller than 5 nm and works with sample sizes from a few mm to 8-inch wafers.

The system stability, even in difficult environments, required for demanding exposures is made possible by a thermally stabilized and environmentally tolerant shield.

Ultra high resolution and imaging

  • Sub 8 nm lithography
  • Low kV exposure and imaging
  • System automation
  • Sample handling up to 8"
  • Split room setup / thermo stabilization

Pure research and small batch production

Hardware and software automation allow easy and repeatable jobs for small batch production.

RAITH150 Two´s high resolution electron column in combination with various detectors allows unprecedented flexibility in mark recognition and process control.

75nm gate
4.5 nm lines and spaces in HSQ
Product Details

Main Application:

  • Nanolithography
  • Imaging
  • Low voltage Electron Beam Lithography

Column Technology:

  • Gemini
  • Electron
  • 30 kV
  • Inlense SE detector
  • Energy selective BSE (EsB) detector option 

Unique Writing Mode:

  • traxx
  • periodixx


  • 6“ full travel
  • Large Z travel