A new class of EBL technology

Accurate results, delivered at high speeds and reasonable costs

VOYAGERTM is recommended for all industrial and academic Electron Beam Lithography applications where the important objectives are high write throughput and maximum resolution.

As well as the newly developed, innovative eWRITE system architecture, Raith attaches great importance to an attractive price/performance ratio throughout the lifetime of the system.

The hardware and software has been consistently designed for automated exposure operations. The state-of-the-art high- performance pattern generator and the electron optics have been optimally aligned.

Samples of up to 8 inches are exposed at high speed. The necessary system stability is ensured, even in difficult environments, by a thermally stabilized and environmentally tolerant housing.

Ultra high resolution lithography system

  • Reliable speed from first design to finished sample
  • Smart design: enclosed environment and small system footprint
  • Innovative and future safe system architecture
  • Sample handling up to 8"
  • Excellent cost of ownership for dedicated Electron Beam Lithography writing with a speed of more than 1 cm²/h

eWrite technology

Raith´s new eWrite technology combines dedicated Electron Beam Lithography optics with an innovative pattern generator design. This technology is suitable for all jobs in research and development as well as for batch production.

Sub-7 nm lines in HSQ
Center of a 1x1 cm² fresnel lense in SU-8 written in 53 minutes
Product Details

Main Application:

  • High speed direct write
  • Diffractive optical elements
  • Anticounterfeiting security elements
  • Batch compound semiconductor devices manufacturing

Column Technology:

  • eWrite
  • Electron
  • 50 kV

Unique Writing Mode:

  • traxx
  • periodixx


  • 6“ full travel
  • Large Z travel