Training & Education

From the very beginning Raith has been cultivating relationships with the international community of scientists in R&D and industry.  Seminars, courses, workshops and user meetings on conferences were used to establish a continuous exchange between specialists and experts worldwide.

Nanolithography Seminars

The annual nanotechnology seminar is targeted for those who think about investing into electron beam lithography or focused ion beam nanofabrication equipment and therefore would like to learn how the Raith solutions may help to solve state-of-the-art nanofabrication tasks.

Training Courses

LTC - Lithography Training Course: to better address the issues of customers related applications, Raith has restructured its choice of lithography training. LTC addresses the theoretical background about electron beam lithography and Raith systems and software on main focus.

User Meetings

Raith schedules regular user group meetings at exhibitions, conferences or at universities.

Providing users of Raith systems a framework to present their scientific results to an interested audience, Raith gets involved with networking the application areas of different user groups.

Raith offers different workshops for those users and operators who have already gained some wider experience with Raith systems.